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Cheat Codes Club is a fantastic way to significantly increase the traffic to your cheat codes website.

Getting Indexed

We are indexing all cheat codes site.
We will not index sites that contain material or links to material which is unlawful or deemed to be objectionable by our staff.

There are two ways we can index your site:
  1. We can try spidering your site
  2. Or you can prepare one page per system (Playstation 2, Xbox, PC, etc.) which includes a link to every cheat for that system. Eg. <a href="">gamename</a>
    If it's a walkthrough, trainer or something specific, you can do something like "gamename ( walkthrough )" instead of just "gamename". Never do this is the page is just cheats, or you are unsure. Ie. Never put ( cheats ), cheats, or anything else after the game name for normal cheat pages or for pages that you're not sure about such as mixtures of cheats and hints etc. Doing so will most likely deteriorate your search position. If you're unsure about any of the details, just ask.
If your website is particularly inconsistent, ie. the pages are constructed by hand and there are many html errors, or we cannot tell whether you actually have cheats for a game or not, without visiting the cheat page, then you will need to use the second method. We only index pages where you actually have cheats, we will not index pages that simply say you have no cheats for the game.

Our search results are ordered by how well the search results match and are secondly ordered by the number of unique daily visitors we have received from your website since the last statistics reset. Being on the first page of the results as opposed to the 5th can significantly impact the number of visitors you receive from us and so having a lot of links is a very good idea.

Before requesting to be indexed you need to link to Cheat Codes Club.
At a minimum we require:
  1. An affiliate link or similar on every page of your website. This should link to the Cheat Codes Club home page, see Simple Text Links below.
  2. Direct search links on your cheat pages. Direct Search Links go on your cheat pages and point directly to the search results for that game, these usually go at the bottom directly under the cheats, see Direct Search Links below.
In addition, feel free to use any of the other forms of links.

Once you have the links, and optionally the pages of links for us to index, the next step is to send an email to In this email you should include:
  1. Website name
  2. URL
  3. Approximate Number of Codes on Website
  4. Links and details about pages of all cheats by system for indexing option 2 (optional)
  5. Your Contact Name
  6. Your Email Address
  7. Daily Visitors / Impressions / Uniques or any other statistics you are willing to provide us with (optional)
Once received, we will confirm acceptable of your site. Your site will then appear in the search results as soon as you are indexed, which we will endevour to do as soon as possible.

How to Link to Cheat Codes Club

We have a number of ways of linking to Cheat Codes Club, all of which will lead to an increase in ranking in our search results.

If you need assistance with any of these methods of linking, or would like to do something different and need our assistance then please contact us using

Simple Text Links (Required)
You can link to Cheat Codes Club by a simple text link such as: Cheat Codes Club.

These can be placed anywhere on your site, usual placements include your links page or affiliates list. A link of this style is required on every page of your site, usually on your affiliates list or similar.

The code for this is:

Direct Search Links (Required)
You can have links such as Click here to find more Half Life cheat codes.

Direct search links are the best way to increase your ranking. These usually go at the bottom of your cheat pages directly under the cheats. A link of this style is required on every cheat page of your site.

The generalized code for this is:

Where GAMENAME is replaced by the name of the game the cheats page is about.
For example, at the bottom of your Half Life cheats page you would have that code with GAMENAME replaced by "Half Life" and at the bottom of your Grand Theft Auto cheats page you would have that code with GAMENAME replaced by "Grand Theft Auto". (Without the quotes)

Site Specific Search Box (Optional)
If you site has no search facility of its own then use the site specific search box. This box uses Cheat Codes Club's advanced search engine to search your site and returns only results from your site. For example, here is a Game Score specific search engine.

The code for this is:

You simply change the list of systems to the ones you have on your site, and change Game Score to your sites name. And once we have indexed your site you will be able to let users search your website through Cheat Codes Club.

General Search Box (Optional)
If you already have a search box for your site, or if you want to let your users get the full benefit of the web's best cheat search engine then the general search box is what you need. For example, here is a general search box.

The code for this is:

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